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"When it comes to talented Mississippi nature photographers, Kermit Denver Laird of Starkville ranks right up at the top. Laird has an easy, natural style, characteristic of an artist at one with his subject." David Watts, editor, Mississippi Outdoors magazine.

Kermit Denver Laird

Kermit Laird is an award-winning photographer having photographs and articles published in many national and regional magazines including Mississippi Outdoors, Louisiana Conservationist, Ducks Unlimited, Falcon for Kids, American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, Canoe and others. In addition to magazine and book publication, his photographs have been presented in exhibition, used in television ads, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, corporate reports and held in private collections.

Primarily his files contain a broad range of nature subjects; animal, plant and landscape. Other photographic efforts are put in to documenting the varied civil and cultural aspects, events and symbols of life's experiences.

His technical expertise is limited to that of the 35mm format camera system, the use of color transparency film and digital capture.

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